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Hemp Vape Oil

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Hemp oil is derived from the Cannabis plant. It has many therapeutic benefits and can be used to ease the symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer.

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Hemp oil is derived from the Cannabis plant. It has many therapeutic benefits and can be used to ease the symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer.

Many Hemp products only contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so they won’t make you feel high.
Keep in mind that everyone responds to Hemp differently. So, as you try out products, it’s important to note any positive or negative reactions.

What Is Hemp?
Hemp, more commonly known as Hemp, is by far one of the most studied compounds of the 116-plus known Hemp found in industrial hemp.

But what is Hemp exactly? Being a natural compound of the plant, it can comprise up to 40 percent of hemp. Unlike THC, Hemp is non-intoxicating, which means it will not get you high. Hemp is often regarded as the single most crucial cannabinoid ever discovered. With ongoing research, the list of uses continues to grow, giving more and more hope to those looking to enhance their overall quality of life.

If you find yourself wanting to try Hemp, but don’t where to start, one of the easiest ways to introduce this powerful phytonutrient into your wellness routine is with, well… candy! Vaping has been a popular choice for many Hemp consumers.

Hemp oil contains hemp as an oil carrier/base both Hemp OIL AND Hemp TINCTURE mimic the same therapeutic properties. They are widely used to relieve inflammation, stress, anxiety, etc.
Hemp oil has an unpleasant taste when consumed orally. It can leave an oily aftertaste, unlike Tincture, which comes in different flavors.

When compared to Hemp oil, tinctures offer an extended shelf life as it is made of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, which acts as a preservative. One can spot an expired Hemp oil when they sight a cloudy/foggy thing in the oil. To extend the life of any Hemp products, keep them away from direct sun contact. Commonly, the decision between oil and tincture is an individual’s preference.

Ingestion Method Hemp oil can be ingested using the vape method.


  • Keep Hemp products in a cool, dark place, like a pantry or basement
  • Avoid humidity and light—especially direct sunlight
  • Keep caps or lids on tight when not in use
  • If it tastes or smells bad, throw it out

Leaving any Hemp product on a table in a sunny room, in a cabinet next to a stove, or in a car will speed the aging process. That’s the exact opposite of what you want to do, so avoid those situations!

If you buy a variety of Hemp products because you want lots of choices, try to keep the oldest ones at the front of the shelf and be conscious of the dates.

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